'Reluctant Landlords' are people who own a property which, for one reason or another, they're finding a bit of a burden to look after (...maybe because they've inherited the property; maybe because their circumstances have changed since they first bought it; maybe because they can't find or keep good tenants). 
If that sounds like you, then we have the answer! 
Here at Strange Property Investments, we are experts at managing rental properties and we pride ourselves on taking away all the hassle for landlords, as well as providing quality accommodation for our tenants, We then GUARANTEE a monthly income for you. 
We provide closely managed, quality accommodation to our corporate clients, and we are always looking for landlords who want to receive a guaranteed rental income from their properties, at competitive rates, for extended contract periods. 


Right from when we first start working with a client, our focus is to offer a completely hands-off service. This means that you’re not left with any additional work or management, and you can enjoy all the benefits of being a landlord, without any of the stress! 
For example, we deal with all aspects of communal maintenance - including, but not limited to: 
Painting and redecoration (internal) 
Flooring and carpet replacement 
Fire Risk Assessments and remedial works 
Fire door installations and replacements 
Lighting and emergency light testing 
We also have an in-depth knowledge on legislation involved in property management. 
If we agree to look after your rental property for you, we find quality tenants for the property, carrying-out extensive tenancy checks. We also guarantee the rent with no voids, and we cover day-to-day maintenance costs too. 
Hassle-free local management of your property 
Full payment of the agreed rent every month – no voids, ever! 
No day-to-day maintenance issues or costs 
Property condition maintained, or even improved (our service includes modernisation and refurbishment of your property, where necessary) 
Monthly rental paid direct into your bank account 
It will be in at least as good a condition as when we took it over – and probably better! 
You will have earned a trouble-free, realistic monthly income throughout the agreed contract period 
You will have kept all the equity in your property 
In addition, we would also be interested in buying your property, should you decide at any point that the time has come to release the value you’ve built up. 

Let's have a chat... 

So, for a free, no-obligation discussion about how we can help you get guaranteed, regular, hassle-free rental income from your property, please contact us now. 
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